Selasa, 29 April 2014

I am a Traveler. Am I?

One of the perks living abroad is having the chance to explore the world you've never seen before. While most people spend their 20s having fun and living the life as they said it, I dream of traveling the world. It is the one thing that you buy that makes you richer. Being a student in Moscow give me the chance to explore the world that once was closed behind the walls, and given that it is located between European region and Central Asia, it is a great gateway to uncover the world around me.

The famous 'candy cathedral', St Basil Cathedral located in the heart of Moscow, The Red Square.

Growing up in the internet era, you get to know a lot about the world, but that doesn't necessarily means you understand it. Experiencing things first hand, seeing monuments and historical buildings with your own eyes and get to learn the locals languages by speaking with them is a satisfaction that can be achieved only by traveling, and so far the internet failed to give that kind of excitement yet. The 'World Wide Web' did open a new perspective that pushes people to go around the world. The vast information we can get just through a click made us wonder more and more about the other side of the world we haven't been to.

Last winter, I had the chance to make a short trip around Europe, covering a few countries including England, Netherlands, Germany and Italy. I did not intend to write the whole journey in this post, but I want to share some of the photos and what I've learned with you guys. 

Amsterdam. Winter 2014. A typical apartment building in Amsterdam with people walking and cycling.

Amsterdam. Winter 2014. A women cycling past through me.

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam. Winter 2014. A group of school children sat together and have a small discussion in the museum's lobby.

By reading you knew that Amsterdam have a lot of bicycles, but it is only when you've been there you can really get the sense of it. How great it is to ride a bicycle around the city, and live a life like normal people. In most european cities, this is not something new, but if you compared with a Malaysian city like Shah Alam, it is quite astonishing to see thousands of people riding bicycles everywhere. These people, they believe in a better mother nature, in a greener world and a sustainable country. Everyone play their role to save the world for the next generation. The way they think, aren't the same like how most Malaysian think. The way they appreciate mother earth, aren't something you can just easily teach at schools or universities. This are the things that make you want to travel more, to learn from others, and bring it back to your mother land. 

U-Bahn Berlin. Winter 2014. An urban rapid transit railway system, operating within the borders of the city.

Alexanderplatz Station, S-Bahn Berlin. Winter 2014. 

While most of european countries have great public transportation system, Germany is in its own class. Their public transportation is so extensive that you literally don't need a personal car to get around at anytime. One thing that is very fascinating is the fact that most of the passenger paid for their tickets although the possibility to be checked by a conductor is quite low. When a tram, train or bus arrived, you just get inside and thats it. No ticket machines or whatsoever. They work on one principle, Trust! Well, if it is implemented in Malaysia, will people actually pay for it? And that is only if we have such great public transportation system. 

Venice. Winter 2014. A gondola passes through Santa Maria della Salute along the Grand Canal at dawn.

This is just part of the things I learned throughout my journey. My point here is, traveling is fun and enjoyable, but the most important thing while traveling is to learn and never stop learning. People at different places have different cultures and their own way of thinking, be open to everything while maintaining your principle. Respect everyone regardless who they are, and you will be respected. People tend to label themselves as a traveler, but are they really are? I am a traveler. Am I?

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Wow . Cantiknya gambar . Bestnya dapat pergi travel . nak follow tapi takde button follow . Btw keep on writing ! Double thumbs up !

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