Isnin, 30 September 2013

For the love of photography : Shooting Films

I had never shoot films before until last summer when I've decided to make use of the old Fed-5B I bought years ago in Moscow. The FED doesn't have any light meters, so I have to download an app known as Pocket Light Meter and it is quite accurate.

Melaka Visit 2013
The FED-5B. Surely not the best, but it's cheap! 

I always believe that black and white give you the chance to focus more on your composition. So I load the camera with Kodak BW400CN and started shooting. Most of the the images made were during my day trip to Melaka. So here are some of the photos taken. 

Fed-5b CN400BW  Fed-5b CN400BW  Fed-5b CN400BW   

For those who thinks that shooting films are cheaper than digitals, you are totally wrong. It is really expensive. With a decent roll of film like this you may had to spend about RM 70 in total. That's including prints and scans. This means that every images you are going to made will cost you about RM 2.00. That exclude the price of cameras and lenses. However, shooting films give you much more satisfaction, and slowly you will start to appreciate its value. 

Fed-5b CN400BW  Fed-5b CN400BW   
Fed-5b - BW CN400
From left: Hanim, Farah and Murni. Standing in back is AJ

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