Sabtu, 12 Januari 2008

like the other days..

now..its 12.30 a.m

heh..didn't feel like want 2 go 2 the beautiful bed..ahaha..

today,ive just post 3 new pix n the aviation club. LOST right now..dont know what 2 do..what i do all days,sitting in front of this problem computer and make creative things wit the photoshop cs2..(tade cs3..ssah nk jumpe woo..) right still hearing the HUJAN favourite is Pagi yg gelap(accoustic)..heh nice song..1stly..i didnt like at all HUJAN's songs..i dont why..after few months hearing people talking bout HUJAN..i felt like theres sumthing special bout this band..then..i know..their songs are meaningful..not bout just love..its about love between between friends..dat makes them special..

last few hours..shah alam had been so so so dark..ahah..u know what i mean is the went outside..hanging around wit my beloved neighbours..ahaha..that's the spirit of neighbours rite.daus brought out his guitar..n we started singing Pagi yg gelap..ahaha..best2..then faez try 2 play manbai's's out of guitar came back to daus hand..once again we sang that Hujan's song..daus is crazy bout HUJAN..then daus's youngest bro came out wit dry leaves n try 2 make last 4 about 15-20 least no mosquito rite..then the city glow again..ahaha..

Last school organized a 'gotong-royong' but i didnt go..its not my duty..ahahh..then there should be nashid a bit lazy to involve in that nashid things this year..ahah..i want 2 focus 4 SPM 2009..ahaha..sure amirul will be angry if he read this..hahah..sorry bro..then i took my camera..n took a snap of that photo below n below this.. seems not ready 2 go 2 sleep..but..i cant sit in front of this computer


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Ahmad Zharif bin Ahmad Zahir berkata...

keep blogging and do improve ur english, simply read other blogs, sm of them really have excellent english, so keep trying mad.....

Adam-ArJuna berkata...

great support from a man called brother..:)

its a gud start to have a bright future to excell in what u dream of..think forward and ignoring things that will make u down is the way how u will improve ur self.